The best sewer service in all of Lolland 

If your sewer needs a thorough and quality-assured sewer service on Lolland, we at Norva24 are ready to help you. You may experience problems with a clogged kitchen sink or a clogged toilet. There can be many reasons why your sewer stops.

Roots water and rats are just the most common sources of sewage problems. But the reasons can be many. At Norva24, we help you find the causes of the blockage in your sewer. We find the best solution to the problems so that it fits exactly to your needs. We are Scandinavia’s largest supplier of sewer and industrial services. We have many years of experience with sewer service for both individuals and companies. We guarantee quality, thoroughness and safety when you choose us to perform your sewer service on Lolland. We can handle even the biggest blockages. Our vacuum cleaner is ready to move out and solve the sewer tasks that require greater machine forces. Of course, we also come out around the clock for the emergency situations. Should you be unlucky and stand with water in your basement, you can safely call us.

For the more complex sewer tasks, we have a professionally strong and competent team of authorized sewer masters. A sewer master at Norva24 has authorization from the Danish Safety Technology Authority. Our sewer masters are of the very best caliber, and we are happy to send our best sewer master to Lolland to solve your sewer task. We guarantee thoroughness and quality. For us, your satisfaction is paramount and that is why we are always thorough. Our sewer master can always help you ensure that your sewer again works without problems and blockages. At Norva24 you get the best sewer service in all of Lolland.